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Goblins Lair Adventure Pack Pdf Download [BETTER]

Following the attack, the characters are acclaimed heroes. A section of role-playing encounters follows, most of which can be skipped or embellished as the DM chooses. A temptress attempts to seduce one of the PCs, which could result in dire consequences if her father (the owner of the general store) finds out. A noble saved by the PCs invites them on a boar hunt; his developing interest in the party is revisited in the next adventure. One gruesome encounter involving a goblin survivor shows that, although often goofy, the goblins are still vicious and dangerous foes.

Goblins Lair Adventure Pack Pdf Download

The last part of the adventure takes place in the lair of one of the goblin tribes. Here, a fallen aasimar plots how she will burn Sandpoint as an offering to her dark god, who in turn will reward her with transformation into a fiend. More goblins are encountered here, as well as several 3rd and 4th level NPCs. For the most part, the NPCs are encountered singly, so the PCs numbers should compensate for their lower levels. Also, the PCs should level before they get too far into the lair; a party of 3rd level characters should handle things without too many problems. 076b4e4f54


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